Our Vision

We care about the environmental effects caused by current fashion industries, which is why our value is placed in clothing that will last for a long time and won’t lose its shape or colour.


Our vision is to make both local community and our customer happy by using the least intrusive working methods for nature and people and inspire others to do the same. Our aim is to be a fashion company that can grow through the promotion of fair trade and that respects the Earth’ environment and its people and gives back where it can.


We supply the local community with jobs and give back 1% of the sales to stimulate their economy. In the same time we focus on our purpose to make the female customer happy. Not overpaying, but with delicate details and good sewing and materials.

“Our consumption can change the world and as a consumer you have the power to choose responsible companies. Our goal is to change the world by the example and ensuring our surroundings and people their well-being. It’s my dream to see a lot of girls wearing my designs and getting feedback from them being happy because of the price, the fabric quality, the quantity they can purchase and the compliments that they get.”

-CEO and founder of Earth Circus.


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