Our Tailors and Sewing

Our collections are possible thanks to our talented local tailors and manufacturers, whom have worked with the brand for many years. We are far from fast fashion production cycles and demanding delivery times.

Our garments are delicately designed, sourced and developed in Bali. All ethically and tailor- made. From that promise we hold strong personal and mutually beneficial relationships with each of them and ensure them a safe and healthy workplace.

This way we are hoping to help them grow and support Bali’s local community and economy from within.

We’ll do anything to make our muse happy, creating a morally good feeling wearing our socially and environmentally responsible pieces. That’s why our team gives importance to everlasting high-quality materials and eco-friendly production.

Our pursuit is to avoid a massive production of clothing and we are proud to say that our clothes are highly durable. We describe our collection as inspired by earth’s nature and try to keep it as natural as possible, always improving for our dearly valued customer.

Earth Circus will keep supporting and growing the local communities in Bali. We will stay committed to our ethically handmade production process and keep handling this with love. We will keep giving back and we will keep caring about the environment and its people.

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