Giving Back

We are committed to donate for the people and for the preservation and restoration of the natural environment through charities that are hold very dear by our founder and team.

“As a fashion company uses both human and natural resources, it’s also important to give back where you can. I grew up witnessing an unsatisfactory environment for hard working talented locals and an unsustainable fast fashion world that drains earth’s resources. This is why we work with a sustainable and ethical business model that supports the local communities and the environment from within and “gives back” through the use of charities. 

We create fashion connected with earth.

Fair for its people and its nature and ready to inspire others.”

Earth Circus is proud to support the local communities of Bali and the conservation of the Australian environment, aboriginals and irreplaceable species. Every year a donation of 1% of our annual sales will be made to charities for training, education, environmental purposes.

Some of our social and environmental initiatives below:

Bush Heritage


An independent, not-for-profit charity that buys and manages land, and also partners with Aboriginal people, to conserve Australia’s magnificent landscapes and irreplaceable native species.

From just a few hundred hectares in 1991, they now help protect over 11.3 million hectares across Australia on their reserve and partnership properties. All thanks to their supporters.

Scholars of Sustenance


SOS Global was established in late 2012 and then funded privately. The food rescue charter was approved in 2014 when their non-profit status was established and local foundation paperwork was filed in Thailand. By 2016 they established SOS Indonesia.

They estimated that every dollar they invest yields FOUR meals. It also means that every $ 10 YOU donate will feed 40 people a meal. They constantly work to get their costs lower and grow the benefits of both their foundation investments and people’s donations.

Bali Street Kids Project - YKPA


They are a nonprofit organization giving disadvantaged children loving care, education, and skills they need to grow up.

The YKPA ‘family’ is made up of two orphanage/homes. Their first in Denpasar is for older kids. The second home is an hour drive away in Tabanan for younger children. They also have a school for street kids in a slum of Kuta.