Earth Circus x Madi Ross


We caught up with Canadian born beauty (and the most recent face in Earth Circus)

Madi Ross about her successful modelling career, passion in skin-care, surfings and how she enjoys being grounded in Bali, Indonesia.



1. We are definitely a big fan and think that you have been quite successful in terms of your modelling career. We are curious what made you jump into Modelling in the beginning?


Madi: Thank you!! I started modeling at 16 which is almost half my life! Crazy to think about that. When I was in high school, there was a girl at my school that modeled and it seemed so fun and glamorous. I also loved watching America’s Next Top Model which felt like a completely different world than my life. I had a really humble and quiet upbringing in North Vancouver, BC which has a very small town feel. I was always very optimistic with big dreams and I wanted to travel the world. I think I just wanted to explore and experience a different kind of life and do fancy things haha- as funny as that sounds.


Modeling seemed like the perfect way to do it.


2. What made you decide to live and settle here in Bali, Indonesia? Do you see Bali as home?


Madi: Surfing is definitely a big reason why I decided to live in Bali. I have such a great group of friends here and I love the energy, lifestyle and nature. I definitely see Bali as one of my homes :)


3. Any experience about living here in Bali that is the most memorable and you would like to share with us?


Madi: Surfing with my friends here has definitely been some of my best memories. It feels like we’re kids again, playing in nature with no distractions, no phones and no worries.

4. We noticed that you are also a badass entrepreneur and own a skincare label Sea Sun Society, what made you start this venture in the first place? 


Madi: Thank you! I’ve always been passionate about skin care and self care for as long as I can remember. I literally started doing face masks at 9 years old!! I started Seasun Society because I felt like Asia needed a skincare brand which embraced natural beauty. Modeling for years in Asia, all the beauty campaigns I did were promoting skin whitening products. It never felt right to me. I wanted to create a brand that celebrated natural beauty and all skin tones, as well as being good for the planet. Our products are all Non-Toxic, Cruelty Free and Vegan.


5. You mentioned that you surf a lot as your main hobby, what are the main reasons you fell in love with surfing?

Madi: Surfing makes me feel alive and connected. I love it because it’s so physically demanding and keeps you fit, but it’s also so fun, meditative, scary and healing. Being in the ocean for hours and playing in waves gives you so much connection and respect for mother nature. I also love the surf community and all the friends I’ve made around the world because of it.

6. What are your thoughts on sustainability? Does it play a big part in your lifestyle?


Madi: Yes definitely, I try to live as sustainable as possible in my daily life. I’m not perfect, but I do make conscious decisions everyday with the environment in mind- from what I buy, eat and use. It was important for me to make Seasun Society an eco conscious brand as well, we don’t use plastic packaging and we mostly use upcycled packing materials for shipping.


7. What are you most grateful for in life?


Madi: My health, friends, family, freedom and to live in such a beautiful place.

8. Can you share with us some of your favourite quote(s)?


“ As soon as you start to pursue a dream, your life wakes up and everything has meaning “

– Barbara Sher


“ If money was no concern and you had all the time in the world, what would you do? “

– Deepak Chopra


“ You can only ever be yourself. The more you try to be like someone else, the more you find yourself standing in the way “

– Shantaram


9. If you could go back in time and meet your 20 years old self, would you have given her any kind of advice?


Madi: Oh ya for sure. I would tell her you are amazing!! Don’t stress, don’t take modeling so seriously and just have fun 🙂 Also it’s okay to take a break sometimes and you should <3



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