The campaign was set in a Moroccan style villa at the seaside with soft and romantic undertones and a sweetly earth-toned color palette that matches the warm climate. For this drop. we took extra care for sustainable fibers and everlasting colors, fabrics, prints and designs. Inspired by the resilient, versatile and beautifully variative Mediterranean, the collection is infused with comfortable-functional styles for any occasion.

The fresh smell of Eucalyptus and the romantic blossoms of the bougainvillea take you straight into the Mediterranean, inspiring for its deep blue oceans, golden sunsets, floaty Monarch bufter-
flies with elegant polka dot patterns and the last existing Arabian Leopards.

Timeless pieces created for the confident muse, featuring bohemian-inspired flower patterns, elegant leopard prints, flattering polka dots with romantic detailing, ladylike silhouettes and brave feminine colors.

Adapt yourself to any accasion.

Monarch Butterfly

Arabian Leopard