Earth Circus is a boutique brand, founded in 2019 by Nihan Pundari and partner Thijs van Hofwegen, with a vision to rise above clothing trends for woman and man that will be loved during all seasons, especially summer. After more than a year in business with a lot of support from our lovely customers and friends, we decided to dream bigger and being available worldwide.

Earth Circus describes their collection as inspired by earth’s nature, such as: earthy colors, florals, animal prints, printed motifs and everlasting colors.
For the fabrics we only used eco-friendly materials from plants, such as: cotton, linen, viscose rayon, bamboo cotton, silk without polyester.

Each of Earth Circus garments and products are carefully designed, sourced and produced in Bali, Indonesia. Based from that commitment, we maintain close relationships with all of our local factories, hoping that we can help them grow and support Bali’s community and economy from within in many ways.
Earth Circus is proud to support local communities of Indonesia.